Please Excuse This Absence

IMG_9848 A week and a half ago I turned in my graduate thesis.  It is 214 pages long and I think I read, edited, rewrote, and re-rewrote every one of those pages at least 20 times.  For this reason I have not been taking photos, which in turn means that I have had nothing to post on this blog.  Up until last week every waking moment of my life was spent at my writing desk.  But now, suddenly, that's all over.  So, photos and blog posts are forthcoming...

Above photo location: paperback mystery section, Bookbuyers bookstore, Monterey, CA.

Death to Cats!

This is a non-photo post.  About four years ago I bought an old typewriter from a local thrift store.  It mostly sat in my closet until two years later when I used it to write this essay.  I can't remember the reason why I wrote this and I should clarify that absolutely nothing in the essay actually reflects my own personal feelings towards cats.  I must have been trying to make a joke.  Please excuse the typos and odd spaces between letters.  The typewriter is old and puts spaces in randomly and unprovoked.  The typos are my fault, though I think the mistakes add to the overall flavor of this strange little manifesto.