Ka'a'awa Sunrise

Ka'a'awa is a nice place.  Situated along the rural northeastern coast of Oahu it's an area where the green rocky cliffs of the windward mountains root themselves almost directly into the ocean.  Though there is a large, mostly privately owned valley (which you've most likely seen without knowing it in such films as Jurrasic Park, 50 First Dates, and that long-winded TV show Lost), the majority of Ka'a'awa residents live on a narrow strip of flat land that runs between the mountains and sea.  This keeps the area's population low and allows the natural beauty to remain, for the most part, natural.  They also have lovely sunrises.

I was lucky to be able to spend the night here and take advantage of an early sunrise down on the beach.  2sec./f6.3/iso100

Kamehameha Highway runs right along the beach in Ka'a'awa, which may be one of its few drawbacks, but it makes for a nice drive, even if it isn't so nice for people on the beach.  And anyway, the streaking headlights are a nice touch to the photo.  1sec./f4.5/iso100

A prominent community landmark is the Crouching Lion- a rock formation that rises up behind Ka'a'awa, carved from the volcanic cliffs by the ever-present wind and rain of windward Oahu.  1/200sec/f5.6/iso250