Total Eclipse of The Moon

The morning of the latest lunar eclipse I got up at 4:30am and began to long process of capturing the moon's transformation.  It was freezing that morning, about 20 degrees.  I thought I could tough it out but after the first 20 minutes I had to retreat to the heated car between shots to warm up.

These photos are actually composites.  Each one a combination of 13 images, all taken at ten minute intervals, and then stacked in Photoshop to produce one final image.  These two photos posted here are really the same photo, only the first (above) was cropped and darkened just a bit to highlight the moonlight.  If I had shot this on film I would have had to expose each shot on a single frame, making sure not to overexpose the negative, which would wash out the image and ruin the whole process.  Digital was much easier and allowed for a little bit of trial and error as this was my first time photographing an eclipse.

The moon set before it moved out of the full eclipse, also the sun was coming up towards the end making it hard to even see the faint red outline of the eclipsed moon.  But I was happy to see it at all.