Sheep Barn #2

On the third and final night of shooting the Sheep Barn I wanted to focus less on the general profile of the barn and more on capturing smaller structural details.  I tried to use light (both natural and artificial) in varying ways to accentuate those details.

The way the overhead lights came through the slat board construction of barn was especially interesting to me and is a common theme throughout this whole post, but more specifically  in these first two photos I wanted to make the old chimney central to the photograph without separating it from the overall structure of the barn.  In this first photo I used a longer exposure to give it a warmer tone, letting the moonlight more fully illuminate the image.  I also left the flood light on longer to really light up the barnyard and reveal the color of the weathered redwood siding.  10minutes/f5.6/iso160

A shorter exposure and dimmer flood light gave this photo a more natural look, portraying what the barn actually looks like in the dark of night.  1min.45sec/f3.5/iso250

I wanted another photo of the barn's general layout that better captured the light coming through the boards than the ones from the night before.  This was the result.  Also I liked the way the little ribbons of light stretched out so far into the barnyard and shone onto the tree off to the right.  1min.40sec/f3.5/iso250

A different angle here helped to accentuate the light patterns made on the ground as it streamed through the barn's siding.  It also gives more of an intimate view into the barn's interior while still focusing on the outer profile.  1min.30sec/f3.5/iso250