Eastern Sierra Landscapes

All taken near Markleeville, CA.  About 30 miles south of Lake Tahoe.

On top of Monitor Pass.  I love this place.  I think that it's good to ascend from the heavy atmosphere of the lowlands into the cleanliness of high altitudes.  The air is fresh on the wind and the whole place smells of sage and pine.  This was John Muir's sanctuary and for the most part, I consider it mine as well.

In the granite above Grover Hot Springs.

At Monitor Pass looking towards Gardnerville/Minden.  Looking around in the rocks I found an animal skull under a Pinion pine.  I think it was a coyote skull, but it's teeth were bigger than any coyote teeth I've ever seen.  Maybe they just grow them bigger up there on the pass.

Campground at night.  Wind made the treetops blurry and cloud cover spoiled any hope for stars.