Up With The Sun

Progressing sunrise with ground fog in Middletown.  Between 7:00 and 7:30am. About 8:30am the fog began to burn off.  There is a little carpet of green grass shooting up from the big storm that passed through last week, which is pretty common for Northern California.  The winters aren't cold enough for snow, so the grass sprouts now and grows through the winter until spring.

I found this spider soaking in the sunlight from the middle of it's dew drenched web that it built in the star thistle.

It's a Banded Argiope spider.  I looked it up after I got home.   This one was probably a female judging by the size.  Males of the species tend to be smaller and build their webs as appendages to the female web rather than on their own.  This one was several inches long and about as plump as a small robin egg.

As I was shooting, the morning light caught the little droplets of dew and made a rainbow in the web.

I don't care much for spiders.  They kind of freak me out, though I don't mind them out in the fields, and I think their webs are cool.  I just don't want one this big in my house.  Luckily the Banded Argiope is a garden spider and generally doesn't come inside.