The Barn at Night

One of my favorite parts of being at home is going out to the barn at night.  The bats move in and out of the rafters without a sound and occasionally I'll disturb the barn owl hunting mice.  Unless the wind is moving the tree branches against the metal roof it's usually quiet inside.  Most sounds are muffled by the loose hay strewn across the dirt floors and the old bales stacked along the outer edges.

This first photo is an old one.  I took it about a year and a half ago around Christmas.  There was a bright moon and it was a cold night.  We flipped the main barn light on for about two seconds and the moon did the rest.  The photos below were taken last night.  There was no moon and despite it being 11pm the night was still and hot.  I found myself sweating running back and forth to set the camera and turn barn lights on and off.

175 sec/f4.0/iso500

Above: The Round Corral lit over a long period of exposure by obstructed light from within the barn.  Below: the main alleyway illuminated.  While the exposure itself was over three minutes long for this one, the lights were on for less than a second.

183 sec/f4.0/iso500