Night Moods

Camping out in the back part of the Guenoc Ranch last weekend the stars were unbelievable.  After a hot day that we spent swimming in the creek I was pretty tired and almost went to bed without taking any shots, but the stars were just too incredible and I thought I would regret it if I didn't.

It was very dark.  Even a 15+minute exposure came out dark.  But the star trails were nice.  15 min. 46 sec./f5.6/iso200

The night sky reflection in the water was cool, but I had to up the iso to avoid star trails, which makes the sky a little grainy.  1 min. 6 sec./f5.6/iso2500

1 min. 49 sec./f5.6/iso2500

With a lower iso I had to do a longer exposure making the star trails really show up, which I think changes the feel of the image.  6min 4sec./f5.6/iso200

12 min. 23 sec./f5.6/iso250