Hermit's Cave

In 1920, Bob Stinson left civilization behind and took up residence in a cave deep in  Marjum Canyon just West of Delta Utah.   That cave would become his residence for the next 25 years until, when in his 70's, Bob finally moved back into Delta where he lived out the rest of his life. On my way to California from Utah I stopped off at Bob's old residence to have a look.   Calling it a cave is a little unfair, as it felt much more like an actual one room stone cabin inside.

Bob built a thick wall out of stone that he gathered from the canyon to enclose the cave and turn it into a comfortable home.

The floor was poured concrete and perfectly level.

Windows were more than just openings in the rock.  He had also included small rock shelves most likely used for candles (judging by the soot left on the wall).

The stove, while it appears primitive, was I'm sure more than enough to keep the small one room shelter warm in the cold winters.  In his later years Bob drove a snowplow through the canyon and kept it clear of debris as back then it was the main east-west highway between California and Utah.  Now it's little more than a dirt back road.

A few additional shots of the cave and the view from the front door.

Sometimes I get a little envious of Bob Stinson and the life he lead out in the desert.  Being so far removed in such a desolate, austere environment really appeals to me for some reason.  Maybe its the solitude and the quiet, or just my own love of the desert and a desire to live close to the land.