Bridal Veil Falls

I was a little hesitant to go to Bridal Veil Falls because its one of the most overly photographed, frequently visited, and well-known attractions around Utah County.  I was afraid I'd walk away with the same old generic photos that I see on Google Earth.  And while I did take a few of those photos, I also found some other more interesting things around the falls that I thought were pretty cool.

The obligatory photo of the falls.  I tried to use the ND filter but had to stop down too much to get a long enough exposure and the photo got just a little blurry. 10sec/F22/iso100 64x Neutral Density Filter.

A bit of Provo Canyon's Geology, also semi-obligatory  1/50 sec/f11/iso100

1/50 sec/f11/iso100

What I thought was most interesting was this little cabin that I came across that had been gutted by fire.  It was once a two room cabin with a loft, kitchen and full bathroom, having a large stone fireplace right in the middle.  It had electricity and running water.  There were a couple of discarded water heater tanks, on which someone had graffitied "We were here, we are still here!"   1/40 sec/f5.6/iso500

1/20 sec/f5.6/iso500

Light-switches which must have melted in the heat of the fire.   1/40 sec/f5.6/iso4000

1/40 sec/f5.6/iso4000

The destroyed kitchen.  1/25 sec/f5.6/iso1600

Having some fun with the ND Filter.  15 sec/f14/iso100 64x Neutral Density Filter

15 sec/f10/iso100 64x Neutral Density Filter